Benefits of Concierge Medicine at Rockville Concierge Doctors

Benefits of Concierge Medicine at Rockville Concierge Doctors

by Stephanie Meadows

Have you ever had that feeling after going to the doctor’s office, where you felt as though you waited too long, the visit with the doctor was too short, and that your concerns were not being heard? Well, you’re certainly not alone in feeling that way. As the healthcare industry works toward decreasing costs, care is getting more and more mechanized.

Most patients are looking for something different. They want cost-conscious care, but they want that care centered on them. The saying “communication is key” applies here. This model of better communication and healthcare is called concierge medicine.

The idea of a concierge primary care doctor isn’t a new concept. For most of modern history, primary care doctors were connecting with their patients and families that needed them. They truly knew their patients – their medical histories, jobs, and habits. They even saw patients of different generations within the same family. What we call concierge primary care is the way medicine used to be in terms of time and attention focused on the patient.

Benefits of being a patient at Rockville Concierge Doctors include:

  1. Longer appointment times for physical exams, reviewing test results
  2. Coordination of care when multiple specialists are involved
  3. Time to tackle problems so that maybe the patient doesn’t have to be referred to so many specialists in the first place;
  4. Same-day and next-day appointment availability
  5. House calls for urgent issues
  6. Wellness coaching; and access to the physician 24-7 for urgent situations


At Rockville Concierge Doctors, we strongly believe that time is precious. It takes time to get to know our patients, to listen to their medical needs and concerns, to diagnose, to treat, and to coordinate care.

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