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Patient Testimonials

At Rockville Concierge Doctors, we strive to serve as your medical home – a place where the doctors and staff know who you are as a person and do everything they can to support you in your health.

Many times we hear from our patients about how our doctors and staff have helped them. For those of you from whom we hear, we thank you for passing along your kind words.

Some of our favorites are below. For additional reviews, visit our Facebook page and feel free to tell us about your experience with Dr. Seidman or Dr. Possner.

I have had difficult health issues for years and been to almost every doctor for every part of the body. Dr. POSSNER has been the only doctor I've ever seen that has truly made a difference for me. His compassion and concern for the health of his patients goes above and beyond any doctor I have met. He goes out of his way to make sure you feel listened to and cared for. This is especially important for me because I'm 19 and recently became more in charge of my own health care.

Having to do some things with my care independently for the first time is a little new and scary, but he really makes sure you're comfortable and taken care of, which helped so much. He assured my mom and me that he would do whatever he could to help us get a solution to some of my problems, and he definitely has done that and more. I'm so glad I found Rockville Concierge Doctors and I cannot recommend them enough.

— Emma K.
Frederick, MD

I followed Dr. POSSNER from his previous practice when he moved to Rockville Concierge Doctors, and so I have been under his care for several years. He is simply the finest practitioner I have had in my 70 years. My medical issues are complex, and Dr. Possner has always found time for me, even when at his previous practice he was frantically busy with other patients.

He has found real-world solutions to some vexing medical issues that my specialists were unable to solve. This has directly improved my quality of life. He is considerate and easy to talk with. He stays up-to-date with the rapidly changing medical field, and at Rockville Concierge Doctors he has taken a great deal of time to get me approved by my health plan for a new drug – hours of time that no one else could have, or would have, spent on me. He gets six stars on a five-star scale.

— Jim F.
Hanover, PA

February 19 is the anniversary of my mom’s death. Since shortly after she died, I’ve written this letter in my head many times. But actually committing the words to paper has been tough because I don’t want to leave out the sincerity of my gratitude.

During Mom’s illness, Dr. SEIDMAN'S care and involvement definitely provided me with peace of mind. Having a highly-skilled physician willing to go to bat for her was huge. I knew that I could call Dr. Seidman any time, day or night, and she’d answer. She even called me sometimes just to check in.

But, more than all of that was the love, concern, sense of humor, willingness to listen and care Dr. Seidman showed my mom – my best friend.

There were many times over the course of her 16-month battle with cancer that Mom would say she didn’t know what she’d do without Dr. Seidman. Mom looked forward to office visits and house calls – any chance to spend time with her. I remember her once saying, “Oh, Aimee, you always see the good side of things.” To which Dr. Seidman answered, “That’s because there always is a good side.”

I want to thank Dr. Seidman for hanging in there with us. And for helping us to see the good side!

— Sandy P.
Gaithersburg, MD

I have nothing but positive things to say about Dr. POSSNER and Rockville Concierge Doctors. Dr. Possner became my doctor only a few months ago and he has already helped me through a lot of important health decisions. He has made a point of communicating with other specialists that I see to decide the best course of care. He consults recent research and stays up-to-date on the best care practices. He does a really good job personalizing his care towards my needs. I never have to wait more than an hour or two to get a response from him when I have a concern. As a 22 year old, it is really comforting to know there is someone so knowledgeable and caring in my corner, keeping me healthy.

— Jenny D.
Rockville, MD

My husband and I have been patients of DR. POSSNER for several years and recommend him unequivocally. He is everything a doctor should be: impeccable clinically, an excellent listener and communicator, and an invaluable resource. His sincerity, kindness, and charisma make it impossible not to connect with him. Dr. Possner's judgment and care are simply unparalleled.

— Jen G. and Michael G.
Chevy Chase, MD

Dr. POSSNER has been our primary care provider for several years now. When we first met him, he was at another practice. When he left that practice, we followed him to his new practice at Rockville Concierge Doctors, even though we live 45 minutes away and even though it would cost us more for care. Why? Because Dr. Possner provides a level of care that we hadn't found with any other primary care provider. He really takes the time to know his patients so he can deliver personal care.

This was always true for Dr. Possner—even when he worked at a standard (chaotic) practice—but with the concierge care model it's even more true. I'm impressed that I can contact Dr. Possner with questions and concerns whenever I need to. Recently I cut my finger badly with a kitchen knife and was able to text Dr. Possner photos of my finger. We spoke and he determined it didn't need stitches; he set out a course of treatment for me and checked on me over the day and the following days to monitor my progress. As a busy working mother, I can't tell you the time that saved me.

I also have to commend the practice itself; I don't have to go through a maze of receptionists and nurses to access Dr. Possner and our visits are always focused, on-time and thorough. My husband, who works overseas a large part of the year, also uses Dr. Possner, because this gives him access to high-quality medical advice even when he is out of the country. We can't recommend Dr. Possner enough.

— Danielle R.
Arlington, VA

As a patient of Dr. POSSNER, I believe he has a combination of skills and values that make him a truly remarkable physician. He's a knowledgeable and perceptive diagnostician, thorough and patient, who doesn't reflexively refer me to a specialist when he can handle the problem in-house. He also shares his thoughts with me as the process proceeds, which I appreciate and find reassuring.

When it comes to including me as a partner in making medical decisions, Dr. Possner "walks the walk." He actually listens to me, and then presents me with options. We make the decision jointly, taking into account my feelings, values and life situation. Finally, dealing with Dr. Possner isn't just about science. It's about kindness, too. He's clearly a warm and caring person, and this pervades all of his interactions with me. I'm lucky he's my doctor.

— Mark B.
Gaithersburg, MD

Dr. Adam POSSNER is on the list of "my top 3 physicians throughout my life" and coming from a nurse who worked for 30 years with physicians, this says a lot. He is a listener; he invites collaboration from the patient; he is up-to-date on current medical practices and procedures; he does not become anchored in a diagnosis but also considers a differential diagnosis; he coordinates your care with other medical specialists if needed; he never rushes you through an appointment; he always discusses results of tests and procedures in detail; and he comes up with a logical plan to resolve the issue at hand. He shows a genuine interest in you, and that right there is the key to practicing good medicine.

— Lynne R.
Gaithersburg, MD

Dr. SEIDMAN has been our primary care physician for many years, ever since she changed to a concierge practice. We were initially concerned as to how this program would work and what services would be provided. We have both been very happy with the outcome. We are able to make appointments easily, and Dr. Seidman has time to see us and talk with us. She is a wonderful, caring, and concerned doctor, with a great support staff, and we feel that she now has more time to spend with us and address our individual needs and concerns. As we are approaching our "rusty" years, we are happy to know that she will be there for us, and to know that she has great expertise in geriatric medicine, as well.

— D. & H.L.
Rockville, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. SEIDMAN’S for over 15 years. During this time I have received excellent care. She is an excellent internist and she is fully aware of medical procedures and medications. She advises all of her patients carefully on how to take their medication that she prescribes to them based on their medical needs. She takes the time to listen to all of her patients during office visits and consultations over the phone. Her advice has always been so rewarding to me.

She has been in several locations that were always easy for me to reach. I am 80 years old and at my age I need a competent physician who cares about the elderly and their health.

I feel very comfortable referring new patients to her. I am sure she will care for their health as she has done for me.

— Florice R., RN
Washington, DC

I am a long-time sufferer of spine and neck maladies. I’ve had years of unsuccessful treatment culminating in a series of surgeries resulting in multiple fusions with instrumentation. All of this brings me to a point where I have been a chronic pain patient for over 45 years. Until I was introduced to Dr. SEIDMAN, I was very discouraged and had all but given up on the medical profession as a viable solution to my health issues.

Dr. Seidman's undivided attention and genuine concern for my health and overall well-being has made all the difference in the world. Although I will always be faced with the aforementioned health challenges, she has restored my quality of life through her most capable medical care and also her compassion and personal interest in my case. She's provided immediate and thorough care and spent untold hours finding the best specialist for my situation if outside resources are needed. I truly feel as if she is my medical care advocate that I’ve needed all my life.

Dr. Seidman has been my savior when dealing with other providers and even the pharmacist for complex issues I’ve never been able to resolve on my own. I would say I don’t know where I’d be without her, but I do know. I’d be lost in the maze of doctors and insurance companies, left to accept a rudimentary approach to a very complex set of medical conditions. Until I became a patient of Dr. Seidman's, I never had a pain management program, I never had anyone address the “Failed Back Surgery” component of my condition, and I never had a doctor spend more than five minutes with me to hear what I might have to say let alone address any questions I might have.

If this sounds like an exaggeration, let me tell you I am toning it down. I’ve toned down my horror stories just as I have toned down my admiration and appreciation for Dr. Seidman’s hands-on, personal care. I know she will take the time to address all of my healthcare needs. Never have I felt rushed through her office. She always dedicates the time necessary to evaluate and treat me regardless of the problem. For that I am grateful and I want to let others know.

— J.L.G.
Germantown, MD

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