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Preventive Care

Primary Care Physicians in Rockville, MD

As primary care physicians, our goal is to keep you as healthy as possible by preventing disease. In the traditional medical model, doctors most often practice reactive healthcare because they simply don’t have much time to spend with patients. They diagnose and treat as symptoms arise.

At Rockville Concierge Doctors, however, we have plenty of time to spend with our patients, which allows us to practice proactive healthcare and focus on the prevention of disease. This alone is an excellent reason to join our practice, especially for younger, healthier patients. We can help you stay healthy and feeling your best!

As your primary care provider, we will take the time to get to know you and conduct a thorough health history, including your own and your family’s health, so we can identify any potential health risks based on your past illnesses or heredity. A major part of our preventive care involves evidenced-based health screenings.

We can evaluate your risk for:

By being aware of your health risks early on, you can potentially avoid costly medical problems later in life. The goal of preventive care and health screenings is to create a personalized wellness plan to maintain and/or improve your health.

If at any time you have concerns about your health, or your family health status changes and you want to reevaluate your risk, all you have to do is call. We believe that you know your body best and that illness can present in unusual ways. When you express a concern, no matter what it is, we take it seriously and will thoroughly evaluate it. The earlier an illness or disease is identified, the better your chances are for treating it successfully.

Get to know us today. To schedule a complimentary meeting with Dr. Aimee Seidman, call (301) 545-1811 or use the online form on this page.

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