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Physical Therapy

Rockville Concierge Doctors is committed to providing preventive and wellness care. Dr. Seidman believe that physical therapy is an integral component of recovering from a musculoskeletal injury or managing a degenerative condition such as osteoarthritis, and we are pleased to offer physical therapy within our office. Please note that this service is technically not part of Rockville Concierge Doctors; the following physical therapists are a separate entity from Rockville Concierge Doctors and bill separately.

Balanced Motion Physical Therapy

Dr. Seidman is delighted to host Suzanne McIntyre, DPT, MTC, as she shares space with us for her practice, Balanced Motion Physical Therapy.

Suzanne McIntyre, DPT, MTC

Suzanne has been a physical therapist since 1990. She graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in physical therapy. She has extensive training in osteopathic manual medicine techniques from Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, and has a doctorate in physical therapy (DPT). Suzanne integrates evidence-based manual medicine techniques with exercise and movement re-education to provide her patients with exceptional care to help them reach their goals.

Areas of special interest include rehabilitation of the spine, rib cage, shoulder, and hip dysfunction. Suzanne is certified in the Neurodevelopmental Treatment approach for treating disorders of the central nervous system. She is experienced in sports medicine and has worked as a physical therapist for the Legg Mason Tennis Classic (now Citi Open). She has a particular interest in manual medicine and wellness. If you would like to contact Suzanne, please call (301) 525-7968.


Christine Grossnickel, PT, shares space with Suzanne at Balanced Motion Physical Therapy.

​Christine Grossnickel, PT

Chris earned her degree in physical therapy from the University of Medicine and Dentistry (now Rutgers) in 1988. She received her bachelor of science in exercise science from the University of Pittsburgh in 1986. She has been in the DC metro area since 1997, having moved from central Pennsylvania.

Chris is committed to a lifetime of learning and enhancing her clinical skills with a variety of clinical education. She has extensive training in osteopathic manual therapy, Mulligan, and strain counter-strain techniques. She uses a holistic approach to treatment and wellness to return you back to optimal health.

Chris values the one-on-one, hands-on approach for an individualized physical therapy session with the use of manual techniques in combination with an exercise and education program to improve quality of life and meet her patient’s goals. She specializes in and enjoys treating neck, back, rib, and extremity diagnoses. Chris is also trained in vestibular rehab and she is a certified Pilates practitioner. If you would like to contact Chris, please call (240) 893-7806.

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